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World Cup

July 21, 1994

* Congratulations to the Pasadena Police Department for its hard work and wise prevention planning, which resulted in the world getting a picture of how a successful and safe World Cup soccer series can be held. Because Pasadena had the foresight to prohibit alcohol sales in the stadium, the incendiary ingredient--alcohol--was removed from the often dangerous triad of sports, crowds and booze. Eight games with a total of 715,826 in the Rose Bowl and only 15 arrests for public drunkenness is an absolutely astoundingly positive statistic!

Bar crowds in Old Pasadena who celebrated "prodigiously but peacefully" (July 18) did not get out of hand because the Police Department and the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control instructed bar owners about managing alcohol service to maintain a balance between celebration and safety.


Executive Director, Day One


* What will we have to kick around, now that the soccer festival is over? The ultimate goal is peace for all! Coincidentally, Jupiter is being assailed by cometary fragments of Titanic force! There is no sportsmanship behind that show. Let the show go on!


Santa Monica

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