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LYNWOOD : City Proposes Hike on Water Fees, Bus Fares

July 21, 1994|JOHN D. WAGNER

The City Council has proposed hefty increases in water fees and monthly bus fares to help balance a tentative $49-million budget that is scheduled for a vote Aug. 2.

The average monthly water bill for a family of four would jump as much as 75%, from $26.57 to $46.50. If the council decides to spread the increases over two years, the water bill in the first year would go up 63%, to an average of $43.34.

Officials said increases are needed to allow the water department to operate in the black. Without the increases, revenues would cover only about half of the department's $4-million budget.

Various factors contributed to the deficit. Officials noted that the price of purchased water has nearly doubled since 1991, and numerous broken water meters have reduced the amount of collected revenues.

Officials also pointed out that local water fees have not increased in seven years and that the rates are currently the lowest among 25 cities in Southeast Los Angeles County. The increases will put Lynwood in the top quarter of those cities.

The city also plans to cut bus subsidies by 50%, from $150,000 to $75,000, resulting in increased fares for bus passes.

Prices for students would jump from $4 to $12 for those in public schools and from $4 to $17 for students in college or vocational schools. Regular passes would increase from $31 to $35, and rates would jump from $4 to $7 for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

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