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Police: Taking Aim at Audit Urging Reduction in Officers

July 21, 1994

An open letter to the mayor and City Council of Beverly Hills: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen: RE: Beverly Hills Police Department


Local newspapers have reported that a recent management consultant/audit recommended a reduction of 12 police patrol officers.

While other recommendations may have merit, this one does not.

Regarding our most excellent Police Department, there must be:

1. No reduction in the number of police officers. Not a reduction of 12; not a reduction of 1.

2. No action which would reduce the ability of the police officers to do their jobs effectively (and) nothing which would reduce motivation, compensation, quality of equipment, efficiency of systems, safety measures, etc.

Suggestion: Don't spend the time even thinking about these particular "cost-saving" measures. There are other city issues which deserve your attention.


Former Beverly Hills mayor

and councilman

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