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THE GOODS : TECHNOWATCH : Look Ma! A No-Hands Organizer

July 22, 1994|LYNN SIMROSS

Getting your life under control just got easier. Voice Powered Technology in Canoga Park, the firm that introduced the VCR Voice programmer in 1992, has come out with Voice Organizer, a portable electronic personal organizer operated entirely by voice. No key pad. No writing.

Users can easily record and retrieve information by pushing the proper button and speaking into the pocket-sized unit. Up to 99 memos can be activated at any time, and up to 99 reminders individually recalled up to a year later. Appointments are automatically scheduled in chronological order by date, day, hour and minute. When it is time for a meeting you've programmed in, Voice Organizer will beep. It also functions as a calculator.

The device can also hold 400 phone numbers for up to 100 names.

The device can be programmed in any language and has a one-year warranty.

Voice Organizer ($199.95) is designed to operate for 168 hours between rechargings, and has back-up power for memory of up to 336 hours. The compact unit comes with its own recharger. To order, call Voice Powered Technology at (800) 743-2000.

So Who Needs a Remote?: Casio's Wrist Controller watch line can do everything but turn on the oven. Its models CMD-10B and CMD-30B not only tell time and date, but operate a TV, VCR or cable box as well.

Either watch can be programmed for remote control access to turn the television on or off, select channels and control volume. In the VCR mode, it can turn the unit on or off and activate fast forward, rewind, play, stop and channel selection. With a cable box, it controls power and channel selection.

Two others in Casio's newest watch line, CMD-20B and CMD-40B, are capable of television or cable box remote control and also have 8-digit arithmetic functions. CMD-10B and CMD-30B cost $99.95 and $79.95, respectively; CMD-20B and CMD-40B, $99.95 and $129.95. They're available nationwide at Wal-Mart, Mervyn's, Kmart and Service Merchandise.

Picture Phones: The new Photo Phone makes it easy for seniors or youngsters to call for help--or pizza--with one touch of a button.

At the top of the phone are six designated spaces for direct-access memory dialing. The phone comes with a set of 20 icons: a badge for police, a flame for fire department, 911 for emergency and, yes, a guy in a chef's hat holding a pizza.

To program in family members or neighbors pictorially, just substitute a snapshot in the designated space for one-touch memory dialing.

Photo Phone (under $40) is available in Los Angeles from BBC Electronics at (213) 622-9701. Or it may be ordered from its manufacturer, Starlight Randix Corp., 337 Turnpike Road, Southborough, Mass. 01772; (508) 460-1100.

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