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July 23, 1994| Times-Post News Service

* To brighten dull vinyl or wood floors quickly, place a piece of waxed paper under a dust mop and buff floors to a shine. Loose dirt will adhere to the paper.

* To make a quick pitcher of iced tea, steep tea bags by filling half of a plastic, heat-proof container with hot water. Remove tea bags, add tea to pitcher and fill the remainder of the pitcher with ice cubes. Stir and serve.

* Remove baked-on grease from casserole dish by making a paste of automatic-dishwasher detergent or baking soda and water. Coat the pan with a thin layer of the mixture. Let sit overnight and scrub off residue.

* Stains in the bottom of glass vases can be removed simply by pouring a small amount of vinegar into the vase; let stains soak overnight.

* Before using the broiler pan, remove the top tray and fill the pan below with 1/4-inch of water. Grease will drop into water and cleanup will be less work.

* Save bristles on paintbrush by using pipe cleaners to paint in corners or hard-to-reach places.

* To prevent nails from splitting wood when hammering, blunt tip of nail with a tap of the hammer.

* Place a colander in the sink when ready to do the dishes. Instead of scraping plates into trash can, they can be rinsed off and scraped simultaneously into the colander, allowing the liquid to drain into the sink. Empty food scraps into garbage or compost pile.

* Coat garden tools with cooking spray before working outdoors. Shovels, rakes and hoes will clean up more easily.

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