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Body Watch : Cross-cultural Tips


Whatever the type of food, there are ways to cut calories and fat while preserving taste and satisfaction:

* Ask what type of fat is used in a dish. Lard is bad; vegetable oils are better.

* Ask to have your dish prepared with much less oil or no oil if possible.

* Ask for a half order of an entree, or an appetizer-size portion.

* Ask your waiter to bring a doggie bag when the meal is served. Then scoop as much as you won't--or shouldn't--eat into the carton.

* Order a la carte, which guarantees smaller amounts.

* Keep a sense of perspective. "Every food doesn't have to be perfect," says Linda Webb Carilli, spokesperson for Weight Watchers International Inc. "If you choose a high-fat food, enjoy it."

Even chiles rellenos?

"If chiles rellenos is something you really want, we tell our members how to fit it into their program. It will most likely end up being your splurge for the week. It's challenging but possible."

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