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City Hall: Removal of Harbor Commissioner

July 28, 1994

It is certainly a sad day for Harbor area residents. Wilmington resident Gertrude Schwab has been removed from the Harbor Commission by Mayor Richard Riordan.

We all know how important the Harbor Department and Harbor Commission are to those of us who live in the Harbor area, and we all know that members of the Los Angeles City Council have a direct influence on the mayor's appointments. So why isn't Mrs. Schwab being reappointed?

There can be only two reasons. Our councilman, Rudy Svorinich Jr., either has no influence with the mayor's office, probably due to a lack of respect, or he did not want Mrs. Schwab reappointed.

In either case, it is us, the Harbor area residents, who are the losers. Once again, as in the past decade, our voices are not heard at City Hall.

Currently, we have only one member, out of five commissioners, who is a Harbor resident. True, the port is owned by the city of Los Angeles, and all residents of the city need representation. But the port has a more direct effect on us than it does on a San Fernando Valley resident.

Common sense says that at least two or three Harbor Commission members should be Harbor residents. And common sense says that our councilman should fight in order for our voices to be heard.

If Mrs. Schwab was not capable of performing her duties as commissioner (and I know that she was more than capable), then replace her with another Harbor resident, not someone from the Eastside or the Valley.

A great many residents from Harbor Gateway, Harbor City, Wilmington and San Pedro are capable and willing to serve as commission members. Surely, our councilman can make certain that we are fairly represented. He's not doing much these days except collecting a paycheck, so that's the least he could do.


San Pedro

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