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There are some things, like food and water, you just can't live without.

And there are some things that you think you just can't live without, such as an air-conditioned car when you're sitting in traffic on the 405 on a sizzling-hot afternoon, your cellular telephone in an emergency or your roving teen-ager without a pager.

Then there are some things you might not know you can't live without, like the following items.

On the House

Even facial tissue needs a home. And there are none more stylish than the all-natural log cabin holders by Palecek in Richmond, Calif.

The rectangular cabin (about $25) has a lift-off top; the square one (about $19) nestles the tissue box.

Believing there was a need for such a holder, company president Allan Palecek, who began his firm 18 years ago, went to the design board. In addition to tissue holders, Palecek has a full line of baskets and accent wicker, rattan and steel furniture.

The tissue holders can be purchased in Orange County at Living Creations in Newport Beach, Roger's Gardens in Corona del Mar, La Tortuga in Orange and Springdale Drug in Huntington Beach.


One way to keep your bottle of suds from looking like a dud by the sink is to dress it up in a designer bib by the Music Stand, a catalogue of gifts and ideas from the performing arts, based in West Lebanon, N.H.

Styled with a music-manuscript fabric that's washable, the bib (about $7 plus shipping and handling), trimmed with an eyelet ruffle and a red ribbon sash, could help change your tune when you're washing the dishes.

To order the bib or obtain a catalogue, call (800) 717-7010.

Secret Stash

What host or hostess with the mostest would want to be without Touchstone's ceramic toilet tissue holder?

It conceals a bathroom necessity while keeping it in clear view of your guests. Not since crocheted jackets for tissue rolls has such attention been given to this matter. Available with either a peony or an ivy motif, the ceramic holder ($54 plus shipping and handling), distributed by the Atlanta-based Touchstone, stacks a spare pair of toilet tissue rolls in a container that keeps the rolls visible. Also available is a coordinating toilet brush holder ($43 plus shipping and handling.)

To order or obtain a catalogue, call (800) 962-6890.

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