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Charter School Idea to Be Put to Test

July 31, 1994

* I commend you for your editorial "A New Hope for Ailing Schools" (July 14).

Charter schools empower parents and teachers to provide the best learning environment for their students, unfettered by rules and regulations designed by people unfamiliar with the unique student population served locally. Charter schools are a challenge to parents and teachers and require a dedication and commitment to success that demands many hours of hard work and full cooperation among school site personnel.

During the education hearing at the Marian Bergeson Elementary School earlier this year, there was a presentation on the charter school concept and the most frequently asked question was "When will Orange County have a charter school?"

I am pleased to know the answer to that question. Santiago Middle School in Orange will have the first opportunity in Orange County to showcase this new form of school-based management--a concept contained in a bill I authored successfully a few years ago.

I wish the Santiago Middle School community, students, parents, faculty and staff the very best success in this challenge and look forward to following its search for excellence.


State senator

R-Newport Beach

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