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GOP Candidate Has Foes in Own Party : Politics: Conservatives vow to keep tabs on Marilyn Brewer, a social issues centrist who is favored to win O.C. assembly race.


For example, they noted that she opposes the political "agenda and tactics" of the National Organization for Women and her tendency to favor "parental consent" laws that would require minors seeking abortions to have their parents' approval.

But Brewer also has stated that it is not "government's place" to be involved in a woman's right to have an abortion. She also helped form a bipartisan group that helps elect moderate, abortion-rights women. And she is scheduled to be a guest speaker at an upcoming meeting of the National Women's Political Caucus of California.

"Some people try to have it both ways. You can't do that," said Mike Spence, vice president of California Pro Life Council Inc.

On another issue, Brewer said she has no position on a pending bill that would allow domestic partners to officially register their relationships with the state and share rights now enjoyed by married couples. Conservatives believe she would support it because she received strong campaign support from members of the gay community.

Brewer's general position on gay rights is: "I don't believe in special rights for any group, but I believe in equal rights for all of us."

Slowly, the roar of criticism is being replaced by calls for party unity. Except for Conroy, all of Orange County's GOP Assembly members have signed a letter endorsing Brewer. Ferguson, who backed Reinecke, said "it would be wrong not to endorse a Republican candidate."

Assemblyman Curt Pringle (R-Garden Grove), the Assembly's assistant minority leader, said it's up to Brewer to define her role within the state's mostly conservative GOP caucus.

"She can emphasize those areas where she's in agreement with most members of the caucus, or she can emphasize those areas where she is not," Pringle said. "I think that's going to be her decision."

Profile: Marilyn C. Brewer

Age: 57

Hometown: Momesson, Pa.

Resides: Newport Beach

Education: Associate of arts degree from Cal State Fullerton

Family: Husband, Chuck, and four sons

Business background: With husband founded the C. Brewer Co., a 28-year-old manufacturing business with 200 employees at locations in Anaheim and Irvine.

Political path: Joined the staff of Supervisor Thomas F. Riley in 1986, first a volunteer and later a full-time senior staff member. Left the county office in March to seek election to the 70th Assembly District.

Attitude: "I never believed I was going to lose (the Republican primary). I believed that I had a good opportunity to win."

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