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Jackson-Presley Union Sparks Shock, Doubt, Laughs : Marriage: Confirmation that the King of Pop and the Princess of Rock have indeed hitched causes many reactions, with surprise topping the chart.


Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson fans were united on one thing Tuesday: their shock over the confirmation of marriage of the King of Pop to the daughter of the King of Rock.

"Nobody ever thought they'd see the day when Michael Jackson would come moonwalking down Elvis Presley Boulevard," said Janis Fullilove, a radio talk-show host on WMC in Elvis' hometown of Memphis.

In Jackson's hometown of Gary, Ind., Bill James, who hosts a talk show on WLTH, reported that reaction to the marriage of Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley was skeptical.

"Jackson fans don't believe he's married," James said. "They think it's just for publicity."

Bob Job, president of the 367-member New Jersey State Assn. for Elvis, said the marriage poses a quandary. He wonders how he is going to handle the story in Elvis Times, the newsletter he has edited every two weeks for 12 years.

"I'm not going to touch it yet," Job said hesitantly by phone Tuesday. "It's too touchy. You have fans who are fond of Lisa and will go along with anything she does, and others who are not too fond of Michael's publicity, and the trouble he's been getting into with kids.

"Everybody's quiet," Job said of the fan club membership. "They're in shock. Of course, the other thing on everybody's mind is, where will Graceland fit in way down the road? What will Michael want to do with it?' "

Cynthia Horner, editorial director for the black teen magazine Right On!, doesn't think Michael married Lisa Marie just to get his gloves on Graceland, or even to improve his negative public image.

"Michael can get publicity anytime he wants," said Horner, who has known the pop star since 1976. "It's not necessary for him to take this route to try and beef up his reputation. He's too private of a person.

"I talked to Michael in April, and at that time he indicated he was looking for a wife, and I told him to look for someone equally as famous and wealthy as he is, so he wouldn't have to worry about someone marrying him just for his money."

Upon hearing her advice, Horner reported that Jackson "just smiled."

At Tower Records in Hollywood Monday evening, reaction to the Jackson-Presley nuptials was more cynical.

As Calvin Pixley, 37, said: "I don't see love there. Did they get married because they're both famous? I think she really admired (Jackson's) fame--her father being so famous and all--and she fell in love with his art, his fame."

"It's nonsense," said Darrin Tehrani, 29, a musician who credited both Jackson and Presley among his influences. "Even if it's true, what are their motives? They're two oddballs and this whole thing is a mess. I'm probably going to have bad dreams about this."

On KROQ's morning drive-time show, hosts Kevin and Bean spent Tuesday fielding listener theories on how and why the King of Pop and the Princess of Rock got together.

Bean thought Kevin's idea was by far the weirdest.

"He actually thinks that maybe they like each other."

Acknowledged Kevin: "It's refreshing to not consider that they're just doing it for the money . . . unlike Tom and Roseanne or Anna Nicole (Smith) and grandpa."

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