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Economic Balance

August 03, 1994

* In "It's Welfare Politics vs. Growth Economics" (Commentary, July 7) Robert J. Samuelson asserts that elimination of "the least justifiable government spending and regulation" is effective use of the economic recovery.

Are the payments to welfare recipients unjustifiable?

If politics are to protect the people against hardship, who suffers more: the welfare recipients whose subsistence the Administration may eliminate or the taxpayers who pay the bill for benefits currently distributed?

Economic balance should be the Adminstration's goal. A balance that benefits all, not just the few.

Implementing welfare work and occupational education programs are options toward this goal.

Financial aid recipients can provide community services in exchange for funds received, services that relieve the tax burden.

Another alternative: Revise the federal jobs credit to include welfare recipients. The incentive tax credit would help employers offset payroll taxes.

Political aim is to protect all the people from hardship. Equitable policies should be on the government agenda.


Laguna Niguel

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