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Jesse Jackson

August 04, 1994

* Re "Jackson Calls TV Racist, Urges Action," July 26:

As I sometimes play the "channel game" when seeking what I consider to be the most interesting among the networks at the 5 p.m. news hour, I have been very much aware of the absence of African American anchors on all of them. As a matter of fact, except for the weekend, there is only one news anchor and that is the award-winning Pat Harvey on Channel 5. This fact is clearly noticeable to anyone who is observant, and to me, an African American, it fairly jumps out. I confess to being not only insulted by this lack of sensitivity on the part of television news, but to finding it altogether incomprehensible.

However, to protest the cancellation of some black-oriented sitcoms seems without any logical or legitimate foundation. Even I know that the name of the game is money. Do those programs that are being canceled generate enough revenue to satisfy the sponsors? Do they generate enough revenue to pay the salaries of the actors, writers, crew, et al.? Probably not, I'm sure. Should the sponsors continue to carry those shows for charitable reasons? Perish the thought!

Let's be fair. I believe the object is recognition for the products represented, which most certainly translates into money.


Sun City

* Regarding the Rev. Jesse Jackson's press conference charging racism in the media: Nothing was mentioned about the very low ratings of the discontinued black-oriented TV shows. They were canceled because too few people were watching! Plenty of "white" shows have suffered the same fate when they did not generate enough income for their networks.


Culver City

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