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It's Time Television Picked Up the Soccer Ball

August 06, 1994

The Los Angeles Times' coverage of the 1994 World Cup was fantastic, and undoubtedly the tournament was a great boost for soccer in the United States.

So now what? Millions of Americans, who over the last 60 days learned to enjoy the world's game for the first time, will see it return to its snail's-pace development in this country due to one factor--lack of television coverage.

Local television stations simply have to take the ball and dribble with it. Start with 20 seconds of soccer highlights on the evening news. Next, profile a local professional player, maybe 40 seconds. How about "goal of the week," another 15 seconds. Eventually, work up to a game of the week.

When compared to the daily barrage of three-hour baseball games, the air time would be negligible.

The world's most popular country can embrace and compete in the world's most popular game with the addition of only one element: We simply must be able to view it.


South Laguna


Thanks for your great World Cup coverage. Now that the tournament is over, I hope you won't forget the sport itself. The Los Angeles Salsa needs your coverage. Major League Soccer is gearing up, and the college season starts soon. UCLA, Cal State Northridge and Cal State Fullerton each have fine programs.

The World Cup was a great festival, but please remember that there is a beautiful sport behind it all.



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