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Save the Rams? No, Let Them Go

August 06, 1994

We just got our Ram season tickets and would like Georgia to explain something about fan support. We've been season ticket-holders for seven years and we still are in the corner of the end zone. We have not been upgraded in about five years.

This would indicate a lot of season ticket-holders are returning, even after seasons that would make the Clippers blush. Being stuck in those seats year after year is not what you'd expect from a team that allegedly has no fan support.

If it's as bad as Georgia says it is, you'd think we'd be sitting on the 50 by now. So, Georgia, who's not supporting who?



San Dimas


The idea of "We love you, Georgia" T-shirts has got to be the biggest crock I've ever heard. A majority, if not all, the businessmen and women I deal with daily can't stand this woman, let alone John Shaw. They have no interest in supporting the Rams unless there is a change in ownership and management.

The bottom line remains the same. Who is running a franchise matters much more than where the franchise is located.



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