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No Protection in Shelter Plans

August 07, 1994

* The idea that the neighbors surrounding the proposed site of the Eli Home are "against the prevention of abuse to children," as Mike Edmiston carelessly asserts in his letter to The Times (July 31) is absurd.

The Eli Home and other shelters like it serve an invaluable function in our community. This is not the issue.

What is at issue is the responsibility of the shelter to protect its residents and its neighbors. We believe the proposed site will not reasonably allow for either.

This is a small residential neighborhood, which is neither zoned for nor able to accommodate such a facility.

We have all been witness to the astonishing levels that domestic violence can rise, yet Lori Galloway, executive director of the Eli Corp., assures us that the possibility of violence at the shelter is "slim to none."

Why then do other shelters such as Orangewood (in Orange) maintain elaborate security systems including gates, guards and evening lockdown?

Edmiston mentions that he is in the process of moving to Anaheim Hills. What he does not mention is that he is a member of Eli Corp.'s board of directors.

He also does not mention in which neighborhood he will be living, but it's doubtful that it will be in the area surrounding the proposed site for the Eli Home.


Anaheim Hills

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