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And Sometimes Bigger Is Better

August 07, 1994

As president of Softbodies of America, which takes as the ideal human shape that of the teddy bear, I wish to thank the magazine and Janey Milstead for "Grandes Dames" (Style, July 10).

Our society's membership, which consists of everyone who agrees with me whether they've heard of me or not, is pleased to see that not only did you (temporarily?) abandon the emaciated figure of the typical fashion model, but you also did so in a layout that was the most beautiful ever to have appeared on your pages.

In an era when women torture and mutilate themselves to fit an anorexic ideal, we are delighted that you are championing a sensible diet and exercise, period. Now we call upon Aaron Spelling, Radio City Music Hall and the advertising agencies of America to join the ranks of the PC (pudgily correct).



I felt healing going on as I viewed "Grandes Dames." I'm not large myself--5-foot-3 and 120 pounds--but it seems that all the media's messages tell us that only women who are beanpoles are attractive.

Look at how rich and glorious these women are! Let's have more of this!


Pacific Palisades

"Grandes Dames" was truly inspired photography. These extraordinary women make the current crop of fashion models look unhealthy and unhappy.

Thanks for celebrating big, beautiful women. (By the way, I'm a Size 6 or 8).


San Diego

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