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Hoping Chatterton's Can Survive the Odds

August 07, 1994

Re "Don't Write Chatterton's Finale Yet" (July 29), I well remember when Chatterton's opened in the early 1970s, a welcome place to patronize for lovers of offbeat literature and magazines.

I was out of Los Angeles during the mid-'70s, but when I returned in late 1976, Chatterton's was in its heyday. A beacon for bohemians of all stripes, it seemed always crowded to the brim on weekend afternoons. In that bygone era when flirting was more acceptable to both sexes, Chatterton's had quite a reputation as a pick-up spot for a date or even meeting that special someone for a longer-term relationship.

Since that time, Chatterton's has had its ups and downs. I sincerely hope it can survive through this down period and find better years ahead. Viva Chatterton's!


Los Angeles


In this time of closing bookstores, closing libraries, closing minds, Lynell George's eulogy for Chatterton's brought sadness for our times.


Culver City

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