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Waters-King Slugfest

August 07, 1994

* Re "Waters-King Verbal Slugfest Spills Over Onto House Floor," July 30:

Thanks to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Los Angeles) for telling Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) that "You're out of order. Shut up!" Anyone who viewed the July 28 testimony by White House staff before the House Banking Committee on the Whitewater affair saw the vitriolic and malicious way in which King addressed Hillary Clinton's chief of staff, Margaret Williams. Although other witnesses were subjected to pointed interrogation during the many hours of testimony, no one else was addressed with the lengthy and aggressively insulting tone as was directed at Williams by King.

Some may have a problem with Waters' attitude, but I say it's time we get out of the victim role, stand up, speak our minds and let these individuals get the clear message that their abusive and inappropriate manner toward women will no longer be tolerated.

I'm glad Rep. Waters was there to set him straight.


Los Angeles

* Maxine Waters (the mouth that roared) should be reminded of a well-known piece of advise: "It is far better the world to think you the fool than for you to open your mouth and prove it!"


Diamond Bar

* Thank God something good has come out of the Whitewater hearings: Rep. Waters has been exposed as a bored, petulant fool.


Laguna Niguel

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