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Washing Machine Is Dancing Across Floor


QUESTION: I replaced a washing machine because it vibrated and danced across the floor. It seemed nothing could stop this. I bought a new washer and the same thing is happening. An appliance service technician said it was the floor. I bought two jacks and braced the beams under the washer, but it still vibrates and moves. What is the solution?

ANSWER: We suggest you put a piece of three-fourths inch plywood under the washer. Cut the wood so it extends away from the washer on all sides, and position the washer in the plywood's center. You don't need to secure the plywood to the floor with nails or screws.

Also, check the machine to be sure it is level from side to side and front to back. Adjust the leveling legs so the machine is as close to the floor as possible, and be sure that the locking nuts on the leveling legs are locked down. This should prevent your washer from doing the two-step.

Why Does Faucet Leak Keep Coming Back?

Q: My bathroom sink has had a leaky faucet for some time. I've replaced the faucet washer several times, and this seems to help for a while, but the dripping always comes back. What is causing this problem?

A: When a defective faucet washer is allowed to leak for an extended period of time, the pressure of the water will cut a channel in the faucet seat. For this reason, always repair a leaking faucet immediately. A defective seat will chew up new washers in short order. Always check the faucet seat when you replace a washer.

If you find a channel in the surface of a seat, replace the seat. A seat wrench will allow you to unscrew a removable seat from the faucet body.

Some seats are machined into the brass body of a faucet and therefore cannot be removed. If your faucet seats are pitted and cannot be replaced, your only alternative is to grind the entire seat rim to a level below the surface of the pit. While this may sound difficult, it is not. You can buy an inexpensive seat grinder from your local hardware dealer, and once the faucet is apart, you can complete the job in a matter of minutes.

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