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Plan to Aid the Poor

August 11, 1994

* Re "Huffington Ad Calls for an End to Welfare," Aug. 5:

So (Republican Senate candidate) Mike Huffington wants to cut off welfare tolet volunteers and donors take care of the poor? What a harebrained idea. It would take us back to the 16th Century and rob poor people of whatever dignity they have.

At least under the present system welfare clients have responsibilities such as registering for employment and accepting training courses. The system is not designed to make clients feel as if they are receiving charity.


Rowland Heights

* Huffington calls for an end to welfare by relying upon volunteers and churches to replace government. Does that mean Mike Huffington will volunteer his wealth to help to poor?

Does it mean churches will no longer bleed the government for handouts and blame the government if, in spite of their tax-exempt advantage, they haven't a prayer to meet the needs or solve the problems of society?

This is not a new way, but the oldest one, and as it grows so do the problems with it.


Los Angeles

* Huffington's field of dreams: Eliminate welfare and the rich will come.



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