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WILMINGTON : Svorinich Field Deputy Protests Her Ouster

August 11, 1994|SUSAN WOODWARD

Janice Garcia, the Wilmington field deputy for Councilman Rudy Svorinich Jr., was asked to resign last week after less than four months on the job.

Garcia said she was wrongfully terminated by Svorinich's chief of staff, Barry Glickman, who hired her in April. She said she regrets signing a letter of resignation written by Glickman.

"There was no way I should have resigned. I was doing my job," Garcia said.

Glickman said Garcia's employment at Svorinich's San Pedro office was a six-month trial, and he asked Garcia to resign because she was not performing.

Asked to elaborate, he said: "That's between Janice and me. . . . I gave her four months. I couldn't wait any longer."

But Garcia, who has lived and worked in Wilmington for seven years, said she is well-respected in the area and received many letters of thanks from schools and organizations in the community since April.

Svorinich, a first-term councilman, has had a number of resignations in his office. Six of his aides, including his chief deputy, resigned in January.

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