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Robitaille Has Not Lost Any of Those Attributes

August 13, 1994

Memo to Mike Downey: In your Aug. 7 column that spoke about the Robitaille-Tocchet trade, you stated that Robitaille was a hell of a hockey player, was a lamplighter and was a good kid.

Someone should have told you that you write sports columns, not obituaries. Luc still is a hell of a hockey player, still is a lamplighter and still is a good kid.

Unfortunately for L.A., he will now be all those things in Pittsburgh. I think he will fit in well and continue to be the premier left wing in hockey.

Save your obituary writing for the Kings. Without Luc's hard work and talent, as well as the talent of all the other victims of stupid Kings' trades, they will need it. Go, Pens!




A very sad goodby to Luc Robitaille. Many thanks for the skill, courage and pride he brought to the Kings. Now we must suffer the time of "goon hockey" in L.A.

The current crew of Barry the puppet, Kelly the sieve and the new no-talent Tocchet will serve the "Great One" well.

Did "Gretz" arrange this deal because he feels it necessary to surround himself with goons to protect him in an attempt to prolong his career?

Or was it simply that because the fans loved Luc, Gretz couldn't stand the competition?

In either case, with Robitaille gone, so is the class of L.A. hockey.




Well, the Kings have done it again. Melrose and Gretzky got their way and so the trade of Robitaille for Tocchet. Melrose and Gretzky are in the process of getting a bunch of big guys in hopes of winning the Cup.

I'm afraid we will end up with a team that can beat up everybody but not beat anybody. It makes me wonder why the Kings even need a general manager.


Los Angeles

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