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Ocean Contamination

August 17, 1994

* The news media and the government warn us of the danger of nuclear-powered and unstable nations.

The greatest danger that faces us today is the contamination from sewage spilling into our oceans. The great "digester" (ocean) can no longer continue to absorb the raw sewage.

A partial list of the deadly water-borne diseases resulting from the above (includes) cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever, polio, hepatitis and salmonella.

Millions of people depend on the oceans for their food and livelihood. Many people will no longer eat fish, scallops, clams and other shellfish. They are concerned about contamination, and rightly so.

We are slowly but surely destroying our oceans for the lack of leadership from local, state and federal governments.

We have spent billions of dollars on wars, S & Ls (and) HUD when we should be building sewerage plants that are more than adequate to accommodate the sewage that we generate daily. We also need backup diesel generators in case of electrical outages--plus larger pipelines.


Laguna Hills

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