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August 18, 1994

Thank you for Russ Parsons' article ("Hard-Boiled Detective Meets Shy Molecule": Aug. 11) on how to make a perfectly cooked hard-boiled egg. Could we now please have the sequel ("Hard-Boiled Detective Meets Stubborn Eggshell")? I am sure there are many readers like myself who have problems removing the shell without having to decimate it into a hundred little pieces.



Your article on the perfect boiled egg was great. I've always used this method, but let the eggs sit covered for 20 minutes. Never thought about testing the water. Good idea. One thing is still needed, to make it "perfect," however. Just add a touch of vinegar (any kind) and that makes the shells come off much better. Some egg producers used to print this method inside the tops of their egg cartons. They should do it again.


Costa Mesa

Your article on eggs left me mentally sputtering, fuming and talking to myself about what amazing things are allowed to appear in print. I have known for some 50 years how to properly cook a hard-cooked egg. Don't even know where I learned it, but it is so superior to any of your methods (egad! sticking your hand in water, hoping it isn't hot).

Put any number of eggs in a pan with a lid. The only criteria here is that the eggs are in one layer. Cover with cold water, put the lid on and put it over the flame. Watch carefully and when the water just begins to boil, remove from heat. Allow to stand exactly 25 minutes. Empty water from pan and run a lot of cold water on the eggs. Let eggs sit in water until cool. If you are cooking the eggs for stuffing, you can roll them around with a wooden spoon while they are sitting in the hot water once or twice. That will center the yolks.


Modjeska Canyon

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