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Espresso by the Book

August 18, 1994|CHARLES PERRY

Piacere International Co. in Pasadena now has kosher certification of its fresh-brewed espresso. On July 26, Rabbi Lisbon of Kosher Supervision of America officially kosherized the equipment (on the off-chance that non-kosher ingredients may ever have passed through it) by the traditional purification method using fire, and from now on the letters KSA will appear on bottles. Available in hotels, restaurants and coffee houses; for inquiries, call (818) 240-7335.

Girl of Our Dreams

Food writers generally don't express opinions about nightclub entertainers, but we're hereby making an exception. Our favorite chorine of all time, shown here as she appeared at a Los Angeles theater-restaurant in 1942, performing a Tahitian dance number in a hula skirt made out of ping pong balls, went by the silly but irresistible name of Jacqueline Potato.

Like I Said, I'm the President of Canada

Just to make one thing perfectly clear, the President's Choice products (such as cookies and sodas) that you see in supermarkets are not actually connected to any past or present President of these United States. President's Choice is a Canadian-based brand, the private label of Loblaw, Canada's largest supermarket chain, and was established in the early 1980s.

It's Hard to Be Lite

Speaking of those nutritional label regulations, which (among other things) lay down specific definitions of the product designations light or lite, Marketing Intelligence Services Ltd. of Naples, N.Y., reports that only 3% of the new products introduced this year use either of those words, compared with 7% last year.

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