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Politics: Councilman's Performance in Office

August 18, 1994

What's next on Councilman Rudy Svorinich Jr.'s agenda?

When the Wilmington paint-store-owner-turned-politician was campaigning against professional politician Joan Milke Flores, he said he would listen to his constituents, make sure they were heard at City Hall and solve problems.

Now, after 13 months in office, he has clearly become one of the problems.

Not only has he been unsuccessful in convincing the mayor to appoint even a disproportionate share of harbor area residents to various city commissions overseeing the harbor, parks, police and fire departments or libraries, he has now aligned himself with the ultra-liberal factions of the City Council.

Recently, he voted to oppose the "Save Our State" initiative, which is intended to crack down on the abuse of public services now given to illegal aliens. I guess it doesn't matter that most of his constituents support this initiative.

Now we also learn that Svorinich voted to pay off one-time Black Panther radical activist Michael Zinzun to the tune of $512,000, even though a judge said the case "lacked merit." What a racket! No wonder the city's broke.

And now Svorinich has dumped his fledgling paint business (graffiti taggers beware) to become a full-time professional politician.


San Pedro

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