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Politics: Looking at Geissert's Endorsements

August 18, 1994

The recent discussion concerning former Torrance Mayor Katy Geissert's endorsement and activities as co-chair of Republicans for Harman is provocative for several reasons.

First, the use of "popular" to describe the vindictive Geissert is probably more myth than accurate. Torrance politics, due to the low voter turnout in Geissert's elections, was controlled by City Hall insiders who kept Geissert in office for way too long. Her absence from Torrance politics is refreshing.

Second, Geissert's endorsement of Rep. Jane Harman and Assemblywoman Debra Bowen is, as they say in politics, a "quid pro quo" (something for something).

I knew Geissert would reciprocate when both Harman and Bowen (both Democrats) began interfering in the local elections with their endorsements of Geissert's candidates. Geissert was desperate that her candidates be elected.

At the time, I suspected that "Republican" Geissert would shortly thereafter reciprocate with her own endorsement of both Democrats. Again, I was right.

So, I agree with the comment that "Geissert's commitment to Republican principles is questionable." In my view, Geissert is a RINO (Republican In Name Only) and without credibility for any Republican to follow.



Editor's note: Fletcher is a former candidate for Torrance City Council.

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