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Parkland: Hermosa's Debate on Biltmore Parcel

August 18, 1994

Hermosa's City Council, except for J.R. Reviczky, has risen beyond its level of incompetence to outright contempt for the people of Hermosa Beach when it contemplates the defeat of the people's will regarding the Biltmore parcel.

Of the many measures placed by our councils regarding the Biltmore parcel, only the proposal to sell it as residential passed. Ironically, the council's own inaction to sell under that vote permitted time for the people's measure to be brought forth to secure the land as open parkland.

That measure, passed by a 60 to 40 margin. Loud and clear had the people spoken this time. The door slammed shut on behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing taking place since the 1960s. The people said they wanted parkland, and told their City Council to provide it.

This council has been grudgingly implementing the people's will. The park is about to be completed. At night it is one of the most tranquil places along the beachfront, providing a buffer between bars and residential areas.

Since the vote, people have often inquired at council why implementation is so slow. Council has always espoused that the will of the people is receiving highest priority. Many still wonder!

So at this eleventh hour some on the council may seek to challenge the people they claim to represent with a measure regarding Biltmore Park? How cavalier and politically ignorant they are of the past if they choose to revisit the Biltmore quagmire.


Hermosa Beach

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