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Government: Comments About Monterey Park Library Trustee Denounced

August 18, 1994

It is very scary to see racism and bigotry publicly spoken by a city official The comments from Board President Kathleen Brzozowski of the Monterey Park city library concerning the other trustee, Marina Tse, are not only racist, but, unfortunately, have been used as an excuse behind racism.

Brzozowski has viciously attacked a prominent community leader who has successfully completed many great projects in promoting intergroup relationships and is the winner of the prestigious 1993 L.A. County John Anson Ford Award. She was presented awards by the cities of Monterey Park, Alhambra, Rosemead, San Gabriel and the Alhambra School District, etc. . . .

Unfortunately, Brzozowski's racist comments have stirred up racial tension in our community.


Monterey Park


On your July 28, 1994 article, "Accusations of Racism Plague Monterey Park Library Board," I am saddened that such a racist comment came from a public figure. I happened to have learned English from Marina Tse who has been a public school teacher for 17 years and the only Asian on the California State Special Education Commission. Tse received a masters degree from USC. I am not aware that USC is using the Chinese language to teach. We've got to stop nasty attacks on the Asians who have tried so hard to better the community. Communications go both ways--perhaps, it is (Kathleen) Brzozowski) who has the problems.

GEROME CHANG Monterey Park

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