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Books: Sharing Knowledge, Friendship Through Reading

August 18, 1994

Having spent a lifetime with books, I was elated to see your roundup of book clubs in your Aug. 7 issue, "Reading Between the Lines" by Adrian Maher. It reminded me of the activities of that eminent 18th Century bibliophile, Samuel Johnson, who attracted colleagues to his circle for readings (and) discussion as well as friendship. I was also gratified to see that while libraries may close, reading groups will expand, fulfilling the needs so aptly analyzed by the participants in your piece.


Los Angeles


"Reading Between the Lines" was a most interesting account of burgeoning book club activity. However, the article failed to mention one of the most active, if not the most active, book study programs in the Westside and all of Southern California--the study groups sponsored by the Brandeis University National Women's Committee (BUNWC).

These BUNWC groups have been providing their members with vehicles for stimulating study and discussion and a sense of intellectual community for over 35 years.

Brandeis University professors have developed materials to guide these groups' discussions of books on many subjects. Today, there are over 50 groups studying over 70 topics--embarked on a reading journey through classics, poetry, drama, contemporary novels, materials on current issues and much more. And the number of active groups is growing as new groups continue to be formed.

Women who are interested in joining a group may write to:

Brandeis University National Women's Committee

Study Group Coordinator

2336 Banyan Drive

Los Angeles, Calif. 90049


Study Group Chair, BUNWC Los Angeles

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