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Dornan Takes Issue With 'Distortions'

August 21, 1994

* Is it no wonder that there exists this extraordinary liberal-created mythology about Bob Dornan when almost every article in which I am mentioned in The Times is either sensationalized or distorted. Two recent examples.

First, in a recent story on the Republican nominee for the 70th Assembly District, Marilyn Brewer ("GOP Candidate Has Foes in Own Party," July 31), I am accused by Brewer of sending out letters advising pro-lifers to "watch out for this Wicked Witch of the North that kills babies." This is outrageous and untrue. No such statement was written or spoken. I wouldn't recognize Brewer if my life depended on it.

Here is the actual line from the letter: "One of Tom's (Reinecke) opponents is strongly pro-abortion and is being supported by the California Abortion Rights Action League and the 'new' Barry Goldwater." That's all of it. No mention of Brewer. Nothing in there about a "wicked witch" or "killing babies." An apology from "Republican" Brewer is in order.

Second, in a recent story on the pro-life movement and the murder of an abortionist in Florida ("Abortion Clinic Slayings May Kill Operation Rescue," Aug. 10), The Times writes that, "Only a scattered few conservative Republican lawmakers--notably Rep. Robert K. Dornan (R-Garden Grove) and Sen. Robert C. Smith (R-N.H.)--have rallied to the defense of anti-abortion militants this time." This is simply not true and bears no relation to what I told the Times reporter. I condemned the killing in tough, clear statements.

What I said was that Paul Hill and Michael Griffin have "betrayed the pro-life movement" and that the people of Florida should "lock Hill up and throw away the key, just as they did with Griffin." I was very clear in my condemnation of pro-lifers who advocate violence. Yet, The Times ignored my statements and instead printed what it wanted to believe before the reporter phoned me.


R-Garden Grove

* The Concord Coalition reported in The Times (July 31) that my congressman, Bob Dornan, has the worst deficit-spending record in the Orange County delegation.

That very point was brought "home" to me last week when I received in the mail one of Mr. Dornan's taxpayer-financed constituent newsletters. (I last received one of these during the previous election year.) Clearly, Dornan doesn't hesitate to waste thousands of our hard-earned dollars in a thinly veiled attempt to promote himself for the upcoming election.


Santa Ana

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