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Water Runoff Can Help in Greening of the Environment

August 21, 1994

* The proposed catch basins on Aliso Creek to contain urban runoff are, at this point, a good idea.

It is outrageous that they and/or on-site retention methods were not required when the developments causing the problem were built.

Also, what about the fact that the Aliso Water Management and other agencies will have to share the million-dollar cost? And what about the county, which will have to give up precious parkland to enable the catch basins to be built?

I hope it is obvious that Laguna Beach should not participate in the cost of this project. However, it is time that the city resolve to pledge its support in establishing a dual system for reclaimed water and participate in . . . building the lines for its distribution.

The . . . (reason) that 70% of the usable reclaimed water is being dumped into the ocean is because, as yet, there is no distribution system for it. With talk of creating a greening fire-protective ring around our community, there is now a particularly urgent need for this water.

We should all begin to face the fact that our water supplies are now and will continue to be diminishing because of the demand throughout the West. Thus, eventually we will have no choice but to utilize this resource as other communities, such as Irvine, are now doing.

I also question: Why is there no law requiring those responsible for creating the problem in the first place to have taken care of it in their developmental planning?

Finally, when will the Legislature, Board of Supervisors and city councils have the guts and concern to address the cause and require that, whenever possible, property owners do something about it? The runoff problem can be transformed into another resource for the greening of our environment.


Laguna Beach

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