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As Many Cavewomen as There Are Cavemen?

August 21, 1994

Robin Abcarian's column on the "neo-Neanderthal" males of the Citadel was enlightening ("Just Another Harebrained Tradition at the Citadel," Aug. 10).

In order to assure her readers of her objective integrity, perhaps she could give us a similar piece on the "neo-Neanderthal" females of Mills College.


Los Angeles


I attend an all-girls high school and would be very upset if a male sued to get into our school. The whole reason I go there is so that I don't have to worry about impressing the opposite sex or worrying about what they think about me when I really should be working on my studies. I also don't have to worry about being harassed and I can just work on being myself.

The rules seem fair to me. Asking Shannon Faulkner to get her head shaved is no big deal. She wanted to go this all-male school. Now she should have to follow all the rules just like the other cadets.



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