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Willie Nava

August 21, 1994

Re "For City, One More Killing; For Family, Deepening Pain" Aug. 16:

The senseless killing of young Willie Nava and (last year) his sister, Lupe, dramatically illustrates the gut-wrenching anguish and heartache left in the wake of gang-related warfare and drive-by shootings. The growing list of innocent victims is equaled by the residual pain associated with these acts of violence.

Like Willie and Lupe, so many have lost their lives for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or was it really the other way around? Perhaps it was those who broke God's law, the law of the land and the rules of human decency who were in the wrong place . . . who were wrong in many ways.

Most who live in poverty and experience an inner sense of hopelessness don't go around shooting others. Some can't deal with it without striking out. Some don't even want to try.

The sad truth is that this will continue. We can eradicate much of it if we'll all dig in our heels and work to eliminate neglect, hatred and racism, and the terrible responses they breed.

JIM ROBERTS, Executive Director

New City Parish

Los Angeles

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