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Kurt Waldheim

August 22, 1994

Re "Kurt Waldheim: Papal Knight?" editorial, Aug. 12:

As a Catholic, I am just elated that the Pope has finally seen fit to give ex-Nazi Kurt Waldheim a knighthood. How soon we forget the fun had by all in World War II.

The Nazis gave our boys the opportunity for an all-expenses-paid trip to see Europe close up, from Omaha Beach to climbing up the steep hills of Italy and participating at the exciting Battle of the Bulge.

And the European Catholics had even more fun killing each other all over Europe. As a special boon, German Catholics and Lutherans got an all-expense-paid tour of neighboring Catholic countries and a winter vacation in Russia. Who can forget that!

Of course, who can forget those nasty German Catholic students and their priest who let it be known they had profound disagreements with the Nazis. Then, too, there was a distinguished German theologian who also disagreed. The adults were hung with a narrow cord and the students beheaded. The Nazis certainly knew how to handle those miscreants.

Yes. Now is just the right time for Catholics everywhere to celebrate the likes of Waldheim. How easily we forget what the Nazis did.




What goes with this newspaper that you must constantly snap at the heels of a man who some 50 years ago as nothing more than a lieutenant, and probably inside just as sick about the job as anyone, had to direct traffic of unfortunate people?

Or is it simply that you found the opportunity to at the same time berate the Holy Father irresistible?


Los Angeles

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