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ROLLING HILLS ESTATES : City Considers Hiring Naturalist for Center

August 25, 1994|JEFF KASS

The City Council is considering hiring a professional naturalist to work at a proposed nature center near George F Canyon Trail.

The city already has set aside $112,000 to renovate a 400-square-foot realty office that would serve as the nature center.

About 1,000 people a month visit the one-mile nature trail, said Richard Gill, community services director.

A council subcommittee will consider whether the city should pay a naturalist directly or allow the naturalist to gather sales commissions from the center's gift store.

In a memo to the council, Councilwoman Susan Seamans said that "a friendly, professional and knowledgeable person was crucial to the success of the center."

However, Councilwoman Jacki McGuire said city money should not be used to hire a naturalist, in part because the nature center will not attract large numbers of visitors.

Work on the building at 27305 Palos Verdes Drive East includes renovating restrooms, installing a deck and covering windows to create wall space for exhibits. The exhibits will provide information on local plants and geology.

The outside deck, to be used for teaching, will be more than 800 square feet.

Renovations will begin in September when ownership of the property is transferred to the city. The center is expected to open by next spring.

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