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Fountain Story: Poetry or Rule Breaking?

August 25, 1994

Bob Sipchen's story "Sharing the Fountain of Youth" (Aug. 4) is an incredibly poetic piece of writing. The Times is lucky and blessed to have writers of such talent.

I have written so many letters critical of Times articles and editorials. I just had to say, the good is equal to the bad.


The problem with Bob Sipchen's piece was its smug description of allowing his children to sneak, flaunt society's unspoken boundaries, avoid authority . . . all for the purpose of self-gratification. Usually answered with, "But it didn't hurt anyone."

In the recent past, Al Martinez and Robin Abcarian have also written smug pieces telling of their pleasure in being able to flaunt rules, etc.

Isn't there some area in newspapers anymore where we can enjoy high standards, experience ethics and values? When we read the news it's about murders, robberies, law-breaking, etc.

When journalists have choices to write about, couldn't it be something other than more rule-bending and law-breaking or law testing?


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