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Airport: Pilot Says Noise Rules Are Observed

August 25, 1994

Re: Santa Monica Airport Noise article (Aug. 14, page 3).

Santa Monica Airport distributes to pilots an impressive brochure that clearly defines departure and arrival routes required to reduce neighborhood noise. In my experience, and contrary to your observations, most departing pilots do fly over Penmar Golf Course for noise reduction even though this low altitude turning maneuver may increase potential flight hazards. During a recent check-out, my instructor was most adamant about following noise abatement procedures.

Your article didn't address reverse noise pollution. Airport Boulevard is within sight of my hangar and a recent day spent working on my plane included a constant assault by:

* Roaring motorcycles.

* Muffler-less automobiles.

* Thundering garbage trucks that actually shook my hangar doors.

* Auto tire testing conducted on an adjacent parking lot that screeched its way forever into my ringing ears.

* Pounding rock and rap music from car stereo systems.

Throughout several hours of this, I rarely heard an airplane.

Yet I'm not aware of any pilots' groups protesting this ground-generated discord forced upon this pilot by our good neighbors.

BILL WYSE Marina del Rey

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