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Oc High: Student News And Views

August 26, 1994

OC High asks: What was your favorite book as a child? Why?

" 'Little House on the Prairie,' because I liked watching the (TV) show."

Dana Nodland, 15 sophomore, Villa Park

" 'A Pocket for Corduroy.' I thought the bear was cute."

Katie Burt, 15 sophomore, Rosary

" 'Tiger Eyes.' It was real, and you didn't want to stop reading it once you started."

Leah Zaby, 14 freshman, Harbor

"Dr. Seuss books, because they said a lot about the things little kids need to know."

Angie Johnson, 15 sophomore, Orange

" 'I Know What You Did Last Summer.' It was a mystery and never got boring."

Amy Jaquith, 14 freshman, Villa Park

" 'The Little Engine That Could.' He tried his hardest until he finally succeeded in his task."

Uberto Cortez, 17 senior, Santa Ana

" 'The Aristocats,' because it had good pictures."

Renee Sarno, 17 senior, Rosary

" 'My Dad and Me.' I loved the bond the son and father shared."

Amber Mooney, 17 junior, Brea Olinda

" 'Charlotte's Web,' because she dies when she gave birth to her baby spiders."

Tony Lopez, 17 senior, Saddleback

"The 'Curious George' series. They made me laugh."

David Minna, 16 junior, Servite

" 'The Little Red Caboose.' "

James Christman, 15 sophomore, Villa Park

" 'Green Eggs and Ham,' because I like Dr. Seuss."

Brooke Heagle, 17 senior, Brea Olinda

"The 'Peter Rabbit' collection because the bunnies were cute."

Nicole Blanchard, 15 sophomore, Orange Lutheran

" 'The Cat in the Hat,' by Dr. Seuss. It was funny."

Mary Centoni, 16 sophomore, Foothill

" 'Take Me to the Zoo.' It was the first book I ever read."

Valerie Sarno, 16 junior, Rosary

"Dr. Seuss books. I like how weird some of it was and all the rhyming."

Rusell Thompson, 17 junior, La Quinta

" 'Mr. Pine Makes Up Signs' because it was funny. It also taught you how to read and use common sense."

Bryan Green, 18 senior, Brea Olinda

" 'Charlotte's Web.' It was touching, and I love to read about animals."

Rachel Rivera, 16 junior, Orange

" 'Cat in the Hat' was funny."

Kristy Payne, 15 sophomore, Foothill

Responses gathered by Christine Monette, Rosary High School.

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