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Rosenthal Listens, Cares and Follows Through

August 28, 1994

A recent letter spuriously attacking State Sen. Herschel Rosenthal was out of line, mean spirited and totally unwarranted.

I have found Sen. Rosenthal to be one of the finest elected representatives I have ever worked with. He exhibits some rare qualities unfortunately missing in too many of our elected officials. He listens to his constituents, he cares about our issues, he does what he promises to do and he's accessible.

Sen. Rosenthal has represented portions of the Valley for many years and has gone out of his way--and beyond his own district boundaries--to assist Valley residents when we have asked for his help.

When a developer wanted to bulldoze a four lane road into Topanga State Park, he sponsored legislation to protect the Valley's largest and closest state park.

When open space in the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area has been threatened with commercial development or industrial uses, Sen. Rosenthal has stood with the Valley residents in opposition.

When a proposal was made to incinerate hazardous waste in Van Nuys, he was successful in forcing the State Health Department to withdraw its permit.

He is the author of SB 561, which will allow earthquake victims the ability to deduct 100% of their uninsured losses from state income taxes.

I am delighted that my family now has an opportunity to vote for Sen. Herschel Rosenthal. Those of us who reside in the newly created 20th Senate District will be fortunate to have such a strong advocate on our side.


West Van Nuys

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