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Gubernatorial Candidates

August 31, 1994

I found the comments made by Kathleen Brown and Pete Wilson (Commentary, Aug. 18) to be interesting, albeit lacking in some of the more serious areas. Here are some of the biggest:

* Education--It is surprising, considering how important this area is and how much of a problem it is, that so little campaign time has been paid to it. California education has become a disgrace in the last 15 years. Kindergarten-12, as well as community colleges, the University of California and California State University have been cut to the bone. Without good education this state has no future. Worse yet, what kind of message are we sending our kids?

* Job retraining--A popular word has become "McJobs." People will have no respect for themselves or society unless they can get quality jobs with decent pay.

* Poverty--One in four children is living below the poverty line. With education the way it is, and the job market the way it is, what happens when they grow up?

* Unsupervised children--Our streets are the way they are partially because so many children live in homes with one parent, who works all the time, or two parents, who both work all the time. Since our family structure is not likely to change, we need to provide day care for our youngest children, and recreational and scholastic activities for the older ones, i.e. get them off the streets!

These points are not easy-to-swallow rhetoric but tough problems requiring tough solutions. This nation was founded on sacrificing today so we can live a better tomorrow. Maybe it's time to go back to that mentality.


San Luis Obispo

* I really had to "smile" at Kathleen Brown's statement, "If a family managed its checkbook the way California state government has managed its finances, the family would be bankrupt and its home foreclosed." Didn't she realize that she would have to sign her name and position of state treasurer?

In real life, the name on the check is the party responsible and in charge.



* So, Pete Wilson plans to ride the crime issue to a second term as governor? Never mind that crime rates have steadily risen on his watch. Let's see if we can understand his argument for reelection: Because crime is getting worse (while I've been governor), reelect me because I'm tougher on crime.

Almost every facet of life in Southern California has gotten worse over the last four years. It may not have been all Wilson's fault, but he sure didn't do anything to make it better. In terms of the economy, education and crime, he's had three, four, five, even 10 strikes. Mighty Pete should be out.


Santa Monica

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