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ABC, CBS Win Nine Emmys for News, Documentaries

September 10, 1994

ABC and CBS walked off with the most honors at the 15th annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards, picking up nine statuettes apiece for programming that aired in 1993. But the biggest winner among series was TBS' "National Geographic Explorer," which collected five.

Forty-eight awards were handed out in New York Thursday night by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. PBS garnered eight; CNN, NBC and the Discovery Channel each won four, Fox and A&E picked up two apiece, and HBO got one.

Here is a complete list of winners:

* General coverage of a single breaking news story (program): "48 Hours: Standoff at Waco," CBS; "48 Hours: Flood, Sweat and Tears," CBS; "In Nature's Wake," CNN.

* General coverage of a single breaking news story (segment): "Day One: Nightmare Ride," ABC; "Now: California Fires," NBC.

* Instant coverage of a single breaking news story (program): "NBC Nightly News: Flood of '93," NBC.

* Background/analysis of a single current story (program): "Nightline: Children of War," ABC; "CNN Presents . . . Our Planetary Police," CNN.

* Background/analysis of a single current story (segment): "20/20: Take Me to America," ABC; "CBS News Sunday Morning: The Spirit of Sarajevo," CBS; "World News Tonight: Sudanese Famine," ABC; "60 Minutes: Fidel Castro's Health Plan," CBS; "PrimeTime Live: Almost Home," ABC.

* Investigative journalism (program): "Frontline: In Our Children's Food," PBS.

* Investigative journalism (segment): "PrimeTime Live: Morgan Medical," ABC.

* Interview/interviewer(s) (programs): Bill Moyers, "Bill Moyers Journal: A Life Together," PBS.

* Interview/interviewer(s) (segment): Charles Kuralt, "Eye to Eye: A Double Life," CBS; Steve Kroft, "60 Minutes: Bob Dole of Kansas," CBS.

* Coverage of a continuing news story (program): "48 Hours: Ready for Love?," CBS.

* Coverage of a continuing news story (segment): "20/20: The Last Man Out," ABC; "Day One: Deadly Secret," ABC.

* Informational or cultural programming (program): "Spirits of the Rain-forest," Discovery; "Wolf: Return of a Legend," ABC.

* Informational or cultural programming (segment): "Street Stories: King of the Road," CBS.

* Historical programming (program): "George Marshall and the American Century," PBS; "Allied to the Mafia," A&E.

* Historical programming (segment): "National Geographic Explorer: Surviving Everest," TBS; "The True Story of the Roman Arena," A&E.

* Special classification for program achievement: "National Geographic Explorer: Killer Whales--Wolves of the Sea," TBS.

* Special classification for individual achievement: Christiane Amanpour (correspondent), Nick Robertson (producer), Dave Rust (cameraman), "Almedina's Funeral; Wounded Refugees; Who Cares," CNN; Sheila Nevins (executive producer), Michael Mierendorf (producer-reporter), "Multiple Personalities: The Search for Deadly Memories," HBO.

* Writing: Jon Else, "The Great Depression: A Job at Ford's," PBS.

* Directing: Scott Hicks, "Submarines: Sharks of Steel--The Hidden Threat," Discovery; Allison Argo, "National Geographic: Keepers of the Wild," PBS.

* Research: John Anthony West, "The Mystery of the Sphinx," NBC.

* Cinematography: Rodger Jackman, "National Geographic Explorer: Ocean Drifters," TBS; Foster Wiley, "Reflections on the Japanese Garden," PBS.

* Electronic camera: Roger Herr, "The Killing Tide," CNN.

* Sound: Des Bartlett, Jen Bartlett, Jim Bruton, Julie Bruton, Don Dahler, Mike Lonsdale, Mark Linden, Paul Schremp, "National Geographic: Survivors of the Skeleton Coast," PBS.

* Videotape editing: George D. Brown III, "Front Page: Taggers," Fox.

* Film editing: Tom Haneke, "Jack," CBS; Lisa Fredrickson, "National Geographic Explorer: Water--A Celebration," TBS.

* Lighting direction: Peter Schnall, "National Geographic Explorer: Tango!," TBS.

* Graphic design: John Ridgway, Ian Dawson, Ralph Famiglietta, Guy Pepper, Chris Williamson, Tony Franqueira, Marco Bacich, "Now," NBC; Joe Carolei, Teri Yarbrow, Max Almy, Todd Bunelle, Marco Bacich, "Front Page," Fox.

* Title sequence: Edward Vivona, Paul Johnson, George Apostol, Mark Herrick, "Fields of Armor: Devil's Coaches," Discovery.

* Art direction: Yeorgos Lampathakis, Rudi Larios, "National Geographic: Lost Kingdoms of the Maya," PBS.

* Music: Jennie Muskett, "Spirits of the Rainforest," Discovery.

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