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Family of 5 Killed in Crash Was Returning From Funeral

September 10, 1994| Associated Press

PITTSBURGH, Pa. — Among those killed in the crash of USAir Flight 427 was a family of five, who were returning from the funeral of a 9-year-old relative in Chicago.

"It's hard to believe that no one is coming home next door," neighbor Bruce Brindle said Friday.

He had lived next to Earl and Kathleen Weaver and their three children for the last eight years in the comfortable Pittsburgh suburb of Upper St. Clair. "Their children were best friends with our three children," he said. "It's a tremendous loss, not only for us but the whole community."

Bryan Weaver, 16, Lindsey Weaver, 11, and Scott Weaver, 7, had missed the first day of school Thursday to attend their cousin's funeral. The family flew to Chicago on Tuesday and was returning home Thursday when the plane crashed.

Earl Weaver, 50, volunteered with the Cub Scouts and was active in Westminster Presbyterian Church.

The Rev. David Fillpot said the family was attending the funeral of Kathleen Weaver's nephew. He said he did not know how the little boy died.

Weaver worked as a marketing manager for Harbison-Walker Refractories. His wife worked for British Airways.

"He had a lot of friends throughout the company," said Peter Antimarino, spokesman for Harbison-Walker. "He was an outstanding person, a real family man."

Bryan Weaver played hockey at Upper St. Clair High School, where he was to start his junior year. Lindsey was starting the fifth grade at Boyce Middle School and Scott was beginning second grade at Baker Elementary School.

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