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Quayle on Values

September 18, 1994

Our country has not changed much in the past 200 years. Dan Quayle reinforces my belief ("Quayle Calls on Fathers to be Responsible," Sept. 9). As an American studies student, I am overwhelmed with historical concepts, facts and figures. In Kennebec County, Me., between 1785-1797, 38% of infants were conceived out of wedlock. I doubt that Quayle will solve a social dilemma that has been going on for over 200 years by eliminating welfare benefits to women who bear children out of wedlock.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that only 50.8% of American children live in "traditional" families (Aug. 30). Quayle continues to bash non-traditional families. I know that Quayle does not spell too well, but doesn't he read?


Tustin Ranch


Re "Clinton Assails Out-of-Wedlock Births," Sept. 10: Current polls say Americans are concerned about family values, so the President, of all people, lectures Baptists on morality. His obvious strategy: Tell people what they want to hear, whether you believe in it or not, and you will get their votes.


Los Angeles

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