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Simpson Jury Question List Probes Range of Attitudes


If the entire pool of 304 potential jurors does not yield the needed number of untainted panelists and alternates, Ito will begin creating another pool.

However, Robert L. Shapiro, one of Simpson's lead attorneys, said in court this week that he could not imagine that the 20 could not be picked from among the 304.

Jury Questionnaire Excerpts

Here are some typical questions from the survey:

On O.J. Simpson

* Have you seen O.J. Simpson in any form of advertising, such as television commercials for Hertz Corp. or in orange juice advertisements? . . . If yes, describe the image that O.J. Simpson seemed to portray in your opinion.

On the murder victims

* What is your impression of Nicole Brown Simpson based upon what has been reported or published in the media?

On domestic violence

* Have you ever felt sufficiently frustrated within a domestic relationship that you considered violence?

On family background

* If divorced, did you initiate the divorce?

On racial prejudice

* How big a problem do you think racial discrimination against African Americans is in Southern California?"

On DNA testing

* What are your views concerning the reliability of DNA analysis to accurately identify a person as the possible source of blood or hair found at a crime scene?

On expert witnesses

* Have you ever given blood samples to your doctor for testing? . . . If yes, have you ever felt uncomfortable with the accuracy of the results?

On the media

* Which of the following best describes how you would describe the media coverage overall?" (Answers include "accurate" to "sometimes accurate-sometimes not" to "inaccurate").


* If you are selected as a juror in this case, how will your family handle and cope with the stress?

* Do you seek out positions of leadership?

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