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NHL Labor Chronology

October 01, 1994| Associated Press

Key dates in the labor dispute between the NHL and the NHL Players Assn.:


* MAY 11--NHL informs the NHLPA it plans to terminate the collective bargaining agreement, but will continue to bargain in good faith if the NHLPA chooses to do so.

* MAY 13--The NHLPA announces it will terminate the collective bargaining agreement, effective Sept. 15, 1993.

* AUG. 17-18--NHLPA presents proposal on free agency at talks in Toronto.

* SEPT. 15--Collective bargaining agreement expires.


* JAN. 12--NHL submits proposals on key issues, including salaries.

* JULY 18--NHL proposes significant changes to the collective bargaining agreement.

* AUG. 1--NHL informs players it will implement a series of 19 changes to the expired agreement that it says will save owners $20 million.

* AUG. 8--Players accuse NHL of waging economic warfare.

* AUG. 18--NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman meets players in Toronto.

* AUG. 24--NHL Board of Governors meets in New York and gives Bettman authority to lock players out of training camp.

* AUG. 28--Secret meeting in New York fails to break stalemate. NHL makes proposal on revenues.

* Aug. 31--NHL announces training camps will open as scheduled.

* SEPT. 16--NHLPA proposes 5% levy on salaries and gate receipts.

* SEPT. 23--Bettman announces the opening of the 1994-95 season will be postponed if an agreement is not reached by Oct. 1.

* SEPT. 27--NHL presents the union with a revised proposal. Offer is immediately deemed "unacceptable" by head of players' union.

* SEPT. 28--Players reject owners' latest contract proposal. League postpones waiver draft indefinitely.

* SEPT. 29--Players promise not to strike during season or playoffs if NHL guarantees there will be no lockout, that terms of the last collective bargaining agreement remain in place, and if Bettman rescinds his 19-point rollback proposal of Aug. 1.

* SEPT. 30--Bettman postpones the start of the season and invites the players' association to return to negotiations. He says games probably will be lost if no progress toward a new contract is made by Oct. 15.

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