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No Council Endorsements by Chamber

October 02, 1994

An article ("Variety Is Name of Game in Council Race," Sept. 22) stated that the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce had endorsed three candidates for City Council.

In fact, the San Clemente Political Action Committee is a separate arm, with a separate board and there is no comingling of funds. The Chamber of Commerce does not endorse candidates, the San Clemente Political Action Committee does.

The majority of the council actions have, in the last four years, averted a utility tax, which would have been a burden on both business and residents; contracted out police and fire services, which saved many dollars; trimmed the general fund, without loss of services, and come to terms with our infrastructure problems.

Finally, (the council) made long-range plans and produced a streamlined permit system.

You do not have to be a chamber member to support the political action committee.


Executive director

San Clemente Chamber of Commerce

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