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AIDS Walk Deserved Better News Coverage

October 02, 1994

How can the Los Angeles Times virtually ignore 20,000 people in the streets of Los Angeles on Sept. 25?

On Sept. 26, The Times carried a short paragraph of sketchy information about AIDS Walk L.A. on Page 9 of the Valley section, while there were two front-page stories and nearly two full pages of copy relating to the O.J. Simpson murder trial (not to mention the article on the Voices page).

The Times poll on the O.J. Simpson case reflected the opinion of 1,703 Angelenos. None of the 20,000 walkers in the AIDS Walk were interviewed.

Will future historians have an accurate picture of Los Angeles society if they rely on the news media as their source of information?

Who were those 20,000 people who walked in the fight against this deadly epidemic? Does The Times feel its readers are not interested in this issue? Is this truly responsible reporting, or are reporters competing with each other for coverage by creating sensational news stories, and are editors demanding more of the same?




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