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Your Chance to Do Lunch With Bob


We know we already gave you one big scoop about the Carousel of Hope ball on Oct. 28 (the one hosted by Barbara and Marvin Davis to benefit the Children's Diabetes Foundation), regarding the Duchess of York, Sarah (Fergie) Ferguson, making an appearance.

Here's another that's just as intriguing: Silent auction item No. 261 is lunch with none other than Robert Shapiro. Yes, the snappy-suited, bushy-browed attorney on the O.J. Simpson defense team is up for sale.

The actual listing in the catalogue reads: "Enjoy a luncheon with the captivating attorney Robert Shapiro and share in discussions of his exciting experiences. Time and date are subject to availability. Minimum bid: $500."

We figure you'll probably have to wait a few months for those "exciting experiences," but it'll be worth it just to hear what it's really like to come face to face with Marcia Clark in the courtroom.

LAPD Blue: The Los Angeles Police Department usually doesn't get points for creativity, but this time it's outdone itself.

For the department's 125th anniversary Tuesday, the Los Angeles Police Historical Society is throwing a gala and has invited actors who have portrayed cops on TV and film. Expected to show are Angie Dickinson, Earl Holliman, Kent McCord, Robert Blake, Gene Barry, Robert Stack and Erik Estrada. There will also be a tribute to the late Jack Webb, a.k.a. Sgt. Joe Friday.

Fictional cop shows are usually glamorized, hyped-up versions of reality, but real law-enforcement officials and the actors who portray them might find they actually do have something in common like . . . a love of doughnuts?

Uh, What Do You Sell Here?Spotted on a sign outside the Just Tires store in Sherman Oaks: NO POGS, JUST TIRES.

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